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 Bild Original Belgrade river cruise

Original Belgrade river cruise

  • Cruise the Danube
  • War Island
  • spectacular views
  • Kalemegdan fortress
  • Beautiful Belgrade
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    Original Belgrade river cruise

    Join us on this one of a kind way to see Belgrade, on the Original Belgrade River Cruise. Get to know Belgrade from its famous two rivers, the city is located where the Sava meets the Danube. This makes the city a great location to explore from the water. A friendly local guide will present stories of history and culture as the boat makes way for famous nearby War Island. This island supplies spectacular vies of the Kalemegdan fortress, the town of Zemun, Old City of Belgrade, Sava Mala district, New Belgrade blocks and Belgrade Waterfront. Although uninhabited the Island is right where the two rivers converge and is officially a part of the city.

    This tour is packed with great things to see and great ideas for your next adventure in Belgrade. The local guides are full of information on the cities past and present. Along the way of this boat ride, many historical and significant buildings and landmarks will be pointed out and explained. Along with some very interesting tales and legends from the city. This is one great way to see the city and explore by the water, so join us on the Original Belgrade River Cruise.

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    The Original Belgrade river cruise is about 2 hours (90 min boat ride) and features:

    Danube and Slava Rivers
    Kalemegdan fortress
    town of Zemun
    Old City of Belgrade
    Sava Mala district
    New Belgrade blocks
    Belgrade Waterfront
    Great Views
    Much Much More

    See why Belgrade is famous for its party boats called “splavs”. This 20 km (90 min) boat ride will give you the best perspective on Belgrade, going beneath 6 bridges on the Sava river, just in time to catch the sunset on the Danube on your way back. A Tour guide,  awesome Balkan food, and drinks included. (optional)



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    Brian & lil Tommy (U.S.A.)
    "Had an amazing tour and we meet really cool people on it as well" - Brian & lil Tommy (U.S.A.)
    J-MAN (Australlia)
    "Deffinitly check out the free ALTERNATIVE tour come see how life should be!" - J-MAN (Australlia)
    "Great History tour and Pub Crawl! Lots of Energy in Belgrade!" - Lisa(England)