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Belgrade’s Famous Hotel/Restaurants

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Hotel Moscow


Hotel Moscow (Moskva) was founded more than a hundred years ago, namely in 1908.Through this hotel went more than 36 million people and in its rooms and suites has stirred up about 4 million visitors.Good parts of such a phenomenal statistics make it extremely well-known and famous personalities that have marked time that has past. Built in the style of Russian Art Nouveau, Hotel changed the physiognomy of Belgrade and became a meeting place for artists from Belgrade, Balkan and world elite.It was built as an international palace, whose owners were Russians and Serbs, Russians and Hungarians, Serbs, Dalmatians, Germans, Yugoslavs.And today, it is owned by Serbs and Americans.

Russian Tsar


The building as a whole has all the characteristics of academic mannerism and a typical large building erected “for rent” purposes, in the city center.Decorative system relies on the neo-baroque elements in shaping the angular turret, while the corpus of the building is closer to the academic art nouveau.The term “Russian Tsar” is linked to the name of the old ground object that in the same place existed until the raising of the new building.In the period between world wars, Tavern “Russian Tsar” had a look of Belgrade’s posh shops in which in addition to representatives of the then’ high-class people also gathered intelligence of this beautiful city.It is significant that the meetings of the Association of Serbian Engineers and Architects were held in coffee shop “Russian Tsar” both before and after World War II and in the old and in the new facility.The shop is located in the city center, and today is the world-famous restaurant from the chain Vapiano.

Tavern “?”


One of the oldest surviving restaurant in Belgrade is certainly the “?”, across from the Congregational Church, in the King Peter the First Street.  Her builder was Naum Icko in the 1823. Building was built with one floor, out of weak material in Balkan style; on the ground floor was located café. In here was in the 1834 introduced the first billiard pool in Belgrade and in the same year it started to be the “place” for public reading of the “Serbian newspapers”. In a sign of respect for the Orthodox Church, this place forbids smoking.  The café was in 1959 seized from the innkeeper Ivan Pavlovic, and turned into a social property. During the privatization in 2000, this inn was exempted from privatization as a monument of culture and was awarded to city Belgrade to administrate it.

Gospodarska Mehana (Master’s tavern)

Tucked in the foothills of Senjak hill, one of the most prestigious resorts in Belgrade, right across from the Fair, and on the banks of the river Sava, is a belle of the Principality of Serbia, “Gospodarska Mehana”. It was named after lord who founded it (Jovan Obrenovic) back in 1820, with the intention to receive travelers and hikers of the old Belgrade, to defy time and lasts forever. The word mehana is of Persian origin and means “house where the wine is poured”. Today is a very attractive place, especially for the guests from abroad.

Three hats

“Three hats” is the oldest tavern in Skadarlija, the main bohemian street of old Belgrade.Skadarlija is probably one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in Europe.Once, here lived actors and entertainers, later there began to be built tavern which to this day attracts visitors from all over the world.Literally, every day these restaurants were fully booked.Tavern “Three hats” was opened in the 1864 in a building where previously was craft workshop that at the entrance had three tin hats. After Belgrade bohemian café Dardanelles was unfortunately destroyed, the center of night life moved in “Three hats”. Many known names of the bohemian Belgrade life were singing and writing in this place.


There are not many places in Belgrade where tradition survived in a dignified manner. One of such places is “Madeira” restaurant, which for many reasons is also known as a true institution among the local coffee shops, and the nickname Madera’s often has more “weight” than many titles. Musketeers’ famous “one for all” motto can be smoothly applied to the concept of the restaurant “Madeira”.

It is one of the gastronomic symbols of Belgrade since back in 1937, when it was built here high, multi-storey building with a café-restaurant on the first floor. Immediately, it was obvious that café located in the perimeter of the (then) the city has the potential to one day carry the unofficial title of the city’s symbol. Especially since it bathed the current name, and regular guests, travelers and traders from the all world, started to bring wine novelties to brag in front of other people. The legend says that a perhaps one once brought a bottle of sweet wine from the Portuguese island of Madeira and the guests were so impressed whit the content that immediately restaurant named after that bottle of wine. Today, it is certainly the most elite restaurant in Belgrade, but also in Southeastern Europe. This place should not be forgotten during the visit.


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