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Belgrade Travelers Guide to Cafes

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Café culture is highly developed in Belgrade and is an important part of its identity. Belgraders take every opportunity to spend time chatting with friends or just reading the newspaper and relaxing, so even in midday cafés in city center are filled with customers. Such café market situation has motivated many café owners and managers to compete in creative ideas that would make their café stand out from the rest of similar places. For this reason, many of them have turned to some sort of unique concept or to perfecting one particular type of drink. We`ve decided to make it more simple for you and have made a list of top 11 cafés, including a map that shows which café is close to which sightseeing point. Don’t miss to check them out since taking a break in a café is one of the ‘must do’ things in order to experience the true spirit of Belgrade.

Here’s the link for the map to find these awesome places in Belgrade:




There are lots of places with mixed concepts and electic/industrial interior design similar to ruin pubs in Budapest and they are mostly placed in Savamala district.

  1. Ben Akiba
cafe belgrade

Photos: Ben Akiba

Ben Akiba, named after a pseudonym of a famous Serbian writer, Branislav Nusic, is one of the hot spots of Savamala. It consists of two parts that are themed and designed completely differently – its ground floor is a Bar & Comedy Club (with an active standup comedy programe), and the first floor is a Lounge & Exibition galery, where you can also sit and have a drink in the exibition space as well as in the lounge.



Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/v/ben-akiba/54084206498e4d0e6813797a


  1. KC Grad (Cultural Center The City)
cafe belgrade3

Photo: 24sata.rs

This is one of the first objects (re)built in Savamala and is an active representative of urban and young Belgrade cultural life. It also has two levels: ground floor consists of café/bar and garden with a wondeful view over the river and the first floor is reserved for exibitions, workshops and similar events. Its event calendar is filled with an interesting programe, such as a cooking event, Delicates Monday, with a different food theme every Monday. Don`t miss to check it out if your visit to Belgrade includes Monday!


  1. Supermarket
cafe belgrade 4

Photo: Supermarket Concept Store

This is the first Concept Store in Belgrade located in a spacious lounge consisting of bunch of stores with cool and geeky products and designer items. The included café/restaurant is offering a wide range of tasty food and drinks. There, you can also find a gallery, a mini spa relax zone, as well as Serbia Corner where you can find Serbian wines, rakijas and tea. So basically, this is a great place to take a break from exploring the city by having something nice to eat or drink or buying some cool souvenirs.

Website: http://supermarket.rs/supermarket-concept-store/



  1. Sugar and Spice

 cafe belgrade 5

Photo: telegraf.rs

The best description of this place is „a disco pancake house“  because the enterior, menu and the entire concept are adjusted to the 70s and 80s disco theme – that explains why the waitresses are on roller skaters. 🙂 The menu is focused on pancakes, waffles and butter pancakes, but we also recommend some of the unique shakes or cocktails of the house, such as ginger martini.

Website: http://sugarandspice.rs/


  1. Vila Maska (Villa The Mask)
cafe belgrade 6

Photo: Vila Maska                                                         

In a quiet neigbourhood full of residential houses, there is a villa that looks ordinary, but is everything except ordinary. The thing that immediately catches your eye is a car parked in front of the villa, covered with grass, along with a coffee table and a lamp on top of it. And that is just the begining. This is an old house made into a café-restaurant with a unique enterior full of authentic details and furniture, which creates kind of a magical antient-exotic atmosphere, so basically just sitting there and watching around is a unique experience. The interesting thing about Vila Maska is also the fact that you can buy most of objects in the house! No wonder Vila Maska won The TripAdvisor Certificate of Exellence in 2015!

Website: http://www.vilamaska.com/


There are two very good places in Belgrade when it comes to coffee. Both places serve freshly roasted, quality coffee and are set on multiple locations around the city.

  1. Koffein (Caffeine)

 cafe belgrde

Photo: buro247.hr

Caffeine goes for the industrial vibe with lots of exposed old coffee roasting machines all around its spacious interior which says a lot about the service inside since they serve freshly roasted coffee. The waiters are more than willing to explain to you the difference in taste and origin among the different coffees they serve. Definitely a cool place to take a break!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.325639344223694.76116.325633960890899&type=3

Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/v/koffein/5380f80b498ede9f52be9772


  1. Cafe & Factory
cafe belgrade 8

Photo: nadlanu.rs

Cafe & Factory goes for the modern and, we could say, fashionable approach to coffee. The bartenders there are trained to take coffee very seriously when it comes to both taste and looks of each coffeecup they serve – and there are lots of coffees among their special recipes, that include both traditional coffee and coffee with extra flavors, but with a perfect balance in taste. If you`re a genuine coffee lover, you will enjoy your time here!

Website: http://cafe-factory.net/ja/index.php/en/)


  1. Rakia Bar
cafe belgrade 9

Photo: rakiabar.com

Rakija is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Serbia. It`s a type of brandy, usually made of fruits or herbs, served in a specific type of glass – чокањ (chokanj). Luckily for tourists in Belgrade, there is a bar specialized in serving rakija where they can try different kinds of this strong alcoholic drink. Being that both rakija and chokanj are trademarks of Serbia, it is recommended to visit Rakija bar to try out and buy these authentic souvenirs. 🙂

Website: http://www.rakiabar.com/home.2.html


  1. Bar Central
cafe belgrade 10

Photo: 011info.rs

Bar Central is THE place to have a cocktail in Belgrade. Why? Because it`s the training center of Serbian Bartenders Society! 🙂 This basically means that all the bartenders there are highly trained to make the best widely known cocktails, but also to create a perfect cocktail just for you: you pick the desired texture, flavor and cocktail amount and they`ll make the best mixture that suits your taste.

Website: http://www.bar.rs/ 


  1. Salon de The
cafe  belgrade 11

Photo: smaltree.rs

Haven’t found your cup of tea when it comes to tea? 🙂 Then this cozy relaxing zone is the place you should go to! Salon de The is a true retro tea salon and one can see that every piece of its interior is catiously chosen and decorated with love– the same way the tea is made in there. The salon offers big variety of teas, with detailed description of what they are good for and how they should be prepared. You can also buy tea mixtures, or different kinds of teapots here. You even get a teapot-shaped timer along with your cup of tea, so you can know when to remove the tea mixture out of the hot water. How cool is that? 🙂

Website: http://smalltree.rs/?id=salon&cat=salon

  1. The Rolling Barrel
cafe belgrade 12

A coffee cup is not a proper coffee cup until it has tones of marshmallows in it! At least that’s what the managers of The Rolling Barrel believe. 🙂 And this is just one of the things The Rolling Barrel has to offer – although it is a pub, most of the people come here for coffee specialties of the house: Bounty Latte and Choco Cookie Latte or any coffee with extra marshmallows. In other words: if you’re short on caffeine and sugar, this is the right place for you!





Although we’ve made this list for you, keep in mind that there are lots of cool cafés all around the city center just waiting to be discovered! So, our recommendation for you, (besides visiting some of the cafés we wrote about), is to make your own Belgrade café adventure – take your time to wander around Belgrade city streets and and a surprise discovery of a cool café is guaranteed!

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