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Belgrade Parks and Green Spaces

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Belgrade has a large number of green areas in all parts of the city, more or less landscaped oases that protect and enrich the urban structure, absorb noise and pollution, and are ideal for many things – play with children, escape in the peace and quiet during the summer, relaxed walks, sledging and making a snowman in the winter months…

Park on the Banovo Brdo


The space in which you can really lose by studying various trees and plants is the Park near the Faculty of Forestry at the beginning of Knez Viseslav Street on the Banovo Brdo.  This protected state property is characterized with designed landscape and architectural sites – there are maze of paved trails, forested area and rich nursery.In the large park on seven acres is located 218 broadleaf species and 23 evergreen – so, for example, here you can see 13 different species of oak, or to learn to distinguish different types of pines.It feels like you’re out of city and the park you can visit on weekdays and Saturdays, from 8 am to 16 pm.Entry is free.

Botanical Gardens Jevremovac


Botanical Gardens Jevremovac, in the Dalmatian Street, is representing the urban green oasis, a large park with about 350 species of trees and shrubs, and 1,500 plants originating from Europe and many exotic destinations. Botanical Garden provides long walks, a special peace (there’s rarely crowded), and visit to a greenhouse. Thanks to the Japanese donation, Botanical Gardens for ten years has a specially designed Japanese garden with a small lake, plants from Japan, harmony and symmetry of all the elements of nature, ideal for walking and meditation. Botanical Gardens Jevremovac was founded in the late 19th century, at the suggestion of Serbian biologist Josif Pancic, who was also its first curator. Today it is owned by the Faculty of Biology of Belgrade University. It is open every day from 9 am to 19 pm, ticket price is 250 dinars (around 2 Euros).



One of the most beautiful city parks, Manjez, is leaning on Student Cultural Center (SKC), Faculty of Music and the Yugoslav Drama Theatre. Nearby is the restaurant Manjez, and the park is named after the riding school of the Royal Guard that was placed here until 1931. Later, between the two world wars, here was built the classic city park. During the day it is mostly a shortcut for business people who are always in the hurry, although it is ideal to crawl into the shade of trees, enjoy it in the evening, listen to a concert at SKC, choose your bench … Since 2010, in the Manjez is a bust of composer Frederic Chopin, which was donated to Belgrade by the Republic of Poland, and which is set to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of the great composer.



Cuburski and Neimarski Park

Two noisy, cheerful and playful parks, located in the city’s quarter Vracar, Cuburski and Neimarski have a long history.First, leaning on the street Tsar Nicolai, was built in 1933, has trails, benches, manicured greenery, and a basketball court, two playgrounds … And a lot of the youngest visitors.And when from Cubura you start to descend down to the South Boulevard, you will find Neimarski Park in the George Weifert Street.Park was ten years ago renamed in the Peace Park of Jelena Santic – in honor of ballerina and peace activist known for her actions in helping people injured in the wars of the nineties.

City Park in Zemun

Park with plenty of shade, different trees and conifers, with the breath of history and many important monuments is certainly the City Park in Zemun, which dates from the late 19th century and is located on the perimeter of the former Old Town.The park was created by converting a quarantine in which were placed the passengers arrived in Austria-Hungary.Today, this park has a unique atmosphere due to its location in the center of Zemun and the environment – part of the park are a primary school, Zemun Gymnasium, Faculty of Agriculture, sports hall Pinki.Not far away is a music school, a synagogue, a military building, two churches – Orthodox church of the Archangel Gabriel and Catholic Church of St. Rocco.

Slavujev potok (Nightingale’s Stream)

Slavujev potok is the calm, peaceful green oasis in Zvezdara, between the streets of Milan Rakic and Batutova; it relies on the Zvezdara Theater and Sixth Gymnasium. Reconstructed ten years ago, the park has extensive lawns and plenty of benches, and also has free Wi-Fi, as one of the Telenor’s Internet parks.There is well-distributed illumination, and is frequently visited it in the evening.

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