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Belgrade Festivals and Celebrations

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In addition to the many attractions that Belgrade has, the capital of Serbia can be proud as a host for a large number of festivals, which are recognized throughout Europe and around the world.Every year some of these festivals attract hundreds of thousands of tourists in this European capital.And if Serbia is not a country that can boast its economic development, level of culture and cultural events are still in the European top on which might envy many other world capitals.



Founded in 1967 on the initiative of Mira Trailovic and Jovan Cirilov, BITEF – Belgrade International Theatre Festival has continuously monitored and supported the latest theater tendencies.Both by growing and developing it became one of the largest and most important of European festivals. For more than four decades of its existence, BITEF surpassed all political and cultural barriers and succeed to keep pace with a tumultuous evolution of theater art.Therefore, the history of BITEF, we can call the history of contemporary theater.BITEF is one of the few festivals that include both experimental and traditional forms.In the revolutionary sixties and seventies viewers had the opportunity to see some of the bravest theatrical experiments that led to the destruction of dramatic forms but also significant classical achievements, as well as performances of traditional Oriental theater.Usually, festival is organized in September.

Belgrade Beer Fest


Belgrade Beer Fest is organized, established and modeled on the famous German Oktoberfest.It exists since 2003 and the permanent location of this Music Festival, which also gathers beer lovers, is the Usce (place where rivers Sava and Danube confluence), location just one kilometer from the city center.Over time, this festival has grown into one of the biggest and most popular in Europe, so that each year this musical event is visited by over half a million people.But with also innumerable beer manufacturers, who used this event to advertise their products.This data certainly puts this festival on the map as the one of the most significant festivals in southeastern Europe and beyond.Music that is represented in this festival is mostly rock and trance, and performers are both local and foreign artists.  Importance of this festival is the fact that a prestigious magazine “The Independent” classified it as one of the most important festivals of its kind in Europe.It is usually organized in the last week of August.



Bemus is, according to many, one of the key musical festivals in southern Europe.And is certainly one of the most important in Serbia and Belgrade. It exists nearly 50 years, i.e.since 1969 and was initially called the Belgrade Music Festival.It brings together all the most important performers of classical music from the region and from the world and Europe.The key success of an organization of Bemus is in constant insistence on the current program, the mainstream performers.It has attracted some of the most important orchestras or soloist to come and play in Belgrade.First of all we must mention the festival orchestras from Budapest, Gothenburg, Vienna, Munich, Turin and New York.But also prominent independent artists, such arethe famous conductor Zubin Mehta, then Hakan Hardenberger, Elsabeth Leonskaya and many others.

Joy of Europe

 This is another traditional festival that is usually held in early October each year, starting from the 1969. It brings together children from all over Europe and the world.The concept of the festival is to develop friendship and child relationships that may later turn into a business relationship or long-term real friendships.Every year the festival Joy of Europe have a different theme and each year is attracting more and more interest.The festival itself takes several locations in the city, from the Belgrade Arena, Sava Center, to the City Assembly.In a word, every year in October, in a period of seven days, children from all over the world celebrate the diversity and get to know the different cultures.

Belgrade Jazz Festival

History of the BJF’s dates back to autumn 1971, when it was held the first Newport Jazz Festival in Belgrade, which was opened by the famous Duke Ellington and His Orchestra. The concepts of the second and third editions follow the line of 1971, but the festival program and discrete interventions is always seeking authenticity. Thus, from the domestic scene in 1972 was introduced Yugoslav All Stars Band, and in 1973 Korni Group, while in the third edition for the first time was introduced non-American group – Nowi Singers from Poland.

The turning point was a next edition, in 1974.The main program was first held in the new sports hall, “Pioneer”, which was not too ambitious decision – according to statements by jazz critics Svetolika Jakovljevic, every evening program was attended by about 4,000 people!And this festival was “bigger” each year until 1990 when came the hard times for the region and this festival was paused.It was re-established in 2005 and since then every year is visited by some of the most important jazz stars,fromGianluigi Trovesi to Archie Shepp and the famous Dee Bridgewater…

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